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Tribute to Harvey Joseph Gardner III--
A True American Hero, Forever Strong, and Loved

Harvey Gardner, 35, was truly wise for his age. An animated energized man that excelled at living, he had an astute appreciation and passion for life. Harvey was adored and appreciated always for his strength, integrity and wisdom--he was my big brother, my teacher, my friend.

Harvey saw himself as a work-in-progress and always strove to be the best person that he could be. Three years ago, he decided to go back to school to become a certified computer technician. He realized an insatiable interest in the field and began his job at the World Trade Center two years ago. Harvey had a knack for making everyone comfortable and many of his coworkers soon became part of his family.

In his spare time, Harvey could always be found running or riding his bike at the beach in Spring Lake, NJ-he lived in Lakewood, NJ with his other brother, Mark for the last four years. He enjoyed and participated in the martial arts, loved to cook, loved his family and protected them throughout his entire life, was an American patriot, a student of history, and a collector of memories. He will forever be remembered as a sensitive, strong, beautiful man--an American HERO.

His family is FOREVER PROUD.

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